Connectors and adverbs to sound more advanced

Connectors and adverbs to sound more advanced

These are two short lists on connectors and adverbs that you can use both writing and speaking, both formally and informally, that will enrich your Spanish.

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  • Por lo tanto - Because of that

Ex: Por lo tanto, no podemos comprar otro coche - Because of that, we can't buy another car.

  • De hecho - In fact

Ex: De hecho, no tenemos dinero para comprar nada más - In fact, we don't have money to buy anything else.

  • En realidad - Actually

Ex: En realidad, lo que te han dicho no es cierto - Actually, what they told you is not true.

  • Si no - Otherwise

Ex: Tienes que arreglar esa ventana. Sino, vas a tener frío - You have to fix that window. Otherwise you're going to be cold.

  • Sino - Rather/but

Ex: No estoy enfadada, sino triste - I'm not angry,but sad.

  • Más bien - Rather

Ex: No es un reptil. Más bien es un anfibio - It's not a repile, it's rather an amphibian.

  • Aún así - Despite that

Ex: Julia es bastante borde. Aún así, tú la quieres mucho - Julia is quite mean. Despite that, you love her very much.

  • A pesar de - Despite / A pesar de eso - Despite that

Ex: A pesar de que tenemos tiempo, no hacemos nada - Despite having time, we don't do anything.


  • Incluso si - Even if /even though

Ex: Incluso si nos vamos ahora, no llegaremos a tiempo - Even if we leave now, we won't arrive in time.

  • Ni siquiera - Not even

Ex: Ni siquiera me llamó - He/she didn't even call.

  • Aún/ Todavía - Yet/still

Ex: Todavía aún no hemos comido/ Aún no hemos comido - We haven't eaten yet / we still haven't eaten.

  • A medida que - As (something happens)

Ex: A medida que el tiempo pasaba, le gustaba más y más el arte - As the time went by, she liked art more and more.

  • Seguro que.../Seguramente - Surely...

Ex: Seguro que no habrá sitio/ Seguramente no
habrá sitio
- Surely there won't be room.

  • A diferencia de... - Unlike...

Ex: A diferencia de tu hermana, nunca terminas lo que empiezas - Unlike your sister, you never finish what you start.

If you have any question about any of these, leave a comment below! :)