"To leave" in Spanish

I've realised this can be a very confusing topic for students, so today we're going to see the differences between salir, irse and dejar: Salir This is easily the most overused one, wrongly, almost people learning Spanish. In »

Hay vs estar

¡Hola! In this post we're talking about when we use hay and when estar, as sometimes can sound very similar when we translate them as "there is" (hay) or "it is" (está). If you want to know more »

Another / other in Spanish

This will be an easy and quick one, how to say "other" or "another" in Spanish, and what to bear in mind when using them! Let's start with... Another This is the singular form, to use before a »


Let's look at what al means. Of course we have one al that results from the article el with the preposition a (a + el = al) but that's not what we're referring to today. We're talking about the al »