Does your Spanish flow? - linking sounds

Does your Spanish flow? - linking sounds

When we talk, we tend to link words achieving a flow as we talk faster

Being aware of this and trying to implement it is one way to sound more natural and fluent in a language.

Vowels together

If a word ends in a vowel and the next starts in a vowel too, they mesh together

This happens even if there is an “h” in the middle, as this letter is totally mute.

Ex: La espera - Laespera / La’spera
Blanco invierno - blancoinvierno


We also link the consonants, specially “s” at the end of a word with the vowel at the beginning of the next.

This way, we're skipping the pause between words or making it less noticeable.

Ex: Alas azules - alasazules

Double consonants

Not so common, consonants that end up together are reduced from 2 to one.

Your turn

You can try to read these sentences linking it where there's a hyphen:

  • Espérameen laesquina
  • Noesesa calle
  • Habíauna gran colaenfrente del quiosco
  • Estábamossentadasenel banco
  • Las puertasestán rotas
  • No mehas dicho nada

Where would these words be linked?
You can write them down and add a hyphen or just do it mentally.

  • No lo había visto antes
  • Ven aquí ahora
  • Tienes un sofá en el salón en el que puedes dormir
  • Imagínate una boda increíblemente grande
  • La imaginación y el pensamiento creativo son impredecibles

lo-había, visto-antes
tienes-un sofá-en-el salón-en en-el
imagínate-una boda-increíblemente
la-imaginación-y-el son-impredecibles

¡Hasta pronto! :)