Expressions to sound more natural in Spanish

Expressions to sound more natural in Spanish


We all want to sound authentic when talking in a different language, and use the informal expressions like natives do.

Obviously, there's loads of them! So probably there'll be more posts about it. But for now, these are some of the most useful ones:

  • Tener que ver con... - To have something to do with...

Ex1: Mi confesión tiene que ver con el trabajo
My confession has to do with work.

Ex2: La historia no tiene que ver con mi experiencia
The story has nothing to do with my experience.

  • Estar en ello - To be doing something.

Ex: ¿Has acabado el proyecto? - Estoy en ello
Have you finished the project? - I'm doing it.

  • Meter la pata - To screw up.

Ex: ¡Oh dios mío! He metido la pata en esa reunión.
Omg! I screwed yo in that meeting.

  • Cambiar de idea - To change one's mind

Ex: No cambiaré de idea sobre la pintura
I won't change my mind about the paint.

  • Tener ganas de + infinitive. - To feel like doing something.

Ex: ¡Tengo tantas ganas de ver esa película!
I really feel like watching that movie!

  • Merecer la pena - To be worth it.

Ex: No merece la pena preocuparse por eso
It's not worth it to worry about it.

  • Hace falta - To be necessary/missing

Ex: Hace falta ordenar el salón - It's necessary to organise the living room.

Ex: Hacen falta más platos - More plates are needed.

(Notice that I use "hacen" (they do) when it's more than one thing).

  • Indirect object pronoun + Hacer + gracia - To find something funny/to be funny for someone.

Ex: Esas bromas no me hacen gracia
Those jokes are not funny to me / I don't find those jokes funny.

  • Tener sentido - To make sense.

Ex1:Lo que dijiste tiene mucho sentido
What you said makes a lot of sense.

Ex2: Tu explicación no tiene sentido.
Your explanation makes no sense.

  • Pasar por - To pass by a place

Ex: Pasé por tu casa pero no estabas - I passed by your house but you weren't (there).

  • Indirect object pronoun + venir (it form, any tense) + opinion - To be convenient/inconvenient for somebody

Ex: Me vendría bien un poco de ayuda
It would be convenient for me/ I could use a little bit of help.

Ex: Nos vino fatal tener que ir a la fiesta
It was inconvenient for us having to go to the party.