Expressions with DAR (to give)

Expressions with DAR (to give)

Let's see some idiomatic phrases and expressions with dar (to give).

We're going to start with feelings:

To express feelings

It's all about something "giving you" a feeling.

For example "dar miedo" is to "give fear" but we'd translate it as "to scare".

1- Me/Te/Le/Nos/Os/Les

2- Dar (agrees with the thing provoking the feeling)

The most common are da (it/he/she) or dan (plural things or people)

3- Emotion

Let's see some:

  • Dar miedo
    To scare

Ex: Me dan miedo los perros - Dogs scare me.

  • Dar igual/lo mismo
    To make no difference

Ex: Me da igual si has venido desde Australia
It makes no difference to me if you have come from Australia.

  • Dar asco
    To disgust

Ex: Me da asco cuando la gente tira cosas en la calle
It disgusts me when people throw things in the street.

  • Dar pena To make you feel sad about

Ex: Me da tanta pena esa gente - Those people make me so sad.

To express other things

  • Darse cuenta de
    To realise

  • Dar un paseo
    To take a walk

  • Dar un beso/dar un abrazo
    To kiss/to hug

  • Dar las gracias
    To thank someone

  • Darse un baño
    To take a bath

  • Dar a luz
    To give birth

  • Dar(se) de alta
    To subscribe or register

  • Dar(se) de baja
    To unsubscribe

  • Dar parte
    To report

  • Dar en el clavo/blanco
    To hit the nail in the head

  • Dar la razón
    To express that someone is right

  • Dar saludos/recuerdos a
    To give regards to

  • Darse por aludido
    To take something personally

  • Dar vueltas a
    To think about

  • Darse la mano
    To hold hands/shake hands

  • Darse por vencido
    To give up

  • Darse prisa
    To hurry

  • Dar una vuelta
    To go for a stroll

  • Dar lugar a
    To cause

  • Dar la cara
    To take responsibility

  • Dar saltos/brincos
    To jump

  • Dar gritos
    To scream

  • Dar a conocer
    To make known

  • Dar mimos To cuddle

I hope you use some of these in the future! :)

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