Superlatives: The most, the least, the best, the worst...

Superlatives: The most, the least, the best, the worst...

Is all about following the "equation":

El/la/los/las/lo (+ noun) + más/menos + adjective

More detail:

Choose the article

El, la, los or las depending on the gender of the noun you talk about

Lo if you don't refer to something specific or you don't have a word for it

Mention the noun if you want

The thing you talk about and that has the quality.
If you're referring to something, but not mentioning it again, ignore this step, just use the article.

Choose más or menos

Más (for most) or menos (for least)

Add your adjective

The quality or state


El niño más listo de la clase - The most clever boy in the class

Lo más importante - The most important thing (in general)

- ¿Qué chaqueta quieres? -La más fina - What jacket do you want? -The thinnest

El problema más preocupante es encontrar casa ahora - The most worrying problem is finding house now


mejor - best
peor - worst
mayor - biggest /oldest
menor - smallest/ youngest

There is also a slight difference of order in this case as well:

El/la/los/las/lo + mejor/peor/mayor/menor (+ noun) + ser/estar + noun

Las mejores cosas de la vida son los detalles - The best things in life are the details

or, if we don't use mejor, peor, mayor, menor:

El/la/los/las/lo + noun + más/menos + adjective

  • La comida más deliciosa está en España - The most delicious food is in Spain*

  • La persona más alta del mundo es... - The tallest person in the world is...

Other examples, using "this" and "that:

This/that + ser/estar + El/la/los/las/lo + mejor/peor/mayor/menor + noun

  • Esta casa es la más bonita - This house is the most beautiful/ the prettiest.

  • Este es el mejor restaurante - This is the best restaurant

  • Dormir es lo mejor - Sleeping is the best

Examples using article to refer to the noun:

  • ¿Qué caja quieres? - La más pequeña What box do you want? The smallest one

  • Tengo dos baños. El más grande es el mejor I have two bathrooms, the biggest one is the best one

  • Lo peor es que fue una sorpresa The worst (thing) is that it was a surprise.

If you want to know how to compare two things in Spanish, check this post on comparatives: More than, less than, as much as...

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