Spanish connectives and time expressions.

Spanish connectives and time expressions.

Apart from the basic y (and) and o (or) sometimes students can struggle to use linking words that give their speech flow.

I've put together the most useful connectors and time expressions so this doesn't happen to you.

Below you have a list of connectors, a list of time expressions and finally a list of sequencing words, which give you some information about time but also can be used to organize the text, so they work as both things! win-win!


Sin embargo - However
Pero - But
Porque - Because
También - Also
Además - Also
Aunque - Although
A pesar de - despite
Entonces - Then
Así que - So
Por lo tanto – therefore
Mientras que – whilst

Time expressions

Normalmente - Normally
Usualmente - Usually
Generalmente - Generally

A veces - Sometimes
De vez en cuando - From time to time
A menudo - Often
Siempre -Always
Nunca - Never

Sequencing words

Sequencing words or expressions are those that tell use in which order things happen. They function as both connectors and expressions of time.

Primero / Segundo / Tercero… - First / Second / Third

Luego - Then Después - After Más tarde - Later

Por último - In last place
Finalmente - Finally