Dejar - meanings and expressions

Dejar - meanings and expressions

We have a quick one today.
These are the different combinations and meanings you need with dejar:

Dejar combinations

1- Dejar de + inf
To stop/quit doing something

Ex: Dejé de fumar hace dos años - I stopped smoking two years ago.

2- Dejar + somebody + inf
To let or allow somebody do something

Ex: Su madre no le deja salir hoy - Her mom doesn't let her go out today.

3- Dejar
Leave (behind) or abandon

Ex: ¡No me dejés atrás! - Don't leave me behind!

Ex: Voy dejar un cepillo en tu casa -I'm going to leave a brush in your house.

4- Dejar algo a alguien
To lend something to somebody

Ex: ¿Me dejas un boli? - Do you lend me a pen?

5- Dejarse
To leave something behind not on purpose

Ex: Se dejó su abrigo en el restaurante - He left his coat in the restaurant.


To let yourself go /neglect appearance

Ex: Se ha dejado mucho ultimamemente - He's let himself go a lot lately.


1- Dejarse barba /pelo largo /barriga...
To grow a beard, long hair, belly...

Ex: Creo que Jesús va a dejarse barba - I think Jesús is going to grow a beard.

2- Dejar plantado/a
To leave someone waiting, not show up

Ex: Estaba esperando y él me dejó plantada
I was waiting and he left me waiting/he didn't show up.

3- Dejar tirado/a
To abandon

Ex: Me ibas a ayudar pero me dejaste tirado
You were going to help me but you abandoned me.

4- Dejar aparte
To leave aside, ignore

Ex: Dejé esa información aparte porque no me pareció relevante
I left that information aside because it didn't semem relevant to me.

5- Dejar atrás
To leave behind or go past it

Ex: Tienes que dejarlo atrás
You have to leave it behind.

Ex: Lo dejé atrás en la carrera
I left him behind/went past him in the race.

6- Dejar caer
To imply, to insinuate

Ex: Dejé caer que sabía la historia
I implied that I knew the story.

7- Dejarse caer (reflexive)
To show up unexpected

Ex: Lola se dejó caer por la tienda
Lola showed up unexpected in the shop.

8- Dejar correr
To allow, pretend to ignore

Ex: No fui a clase pero la profesora lo dejó correr
I didn't go to class but the teacher pretended not to know /allowed it.

9- Dejar vivir
To let people be, not bother or interfere

Ex: Tenéis que dejar vivir a vuestros hijos
You guys have to let your children be.

10- Dejarse llevar (reflexive)
To be weak, easily persuaded or to voluntarily let yourself go or do something

Ex: Sabía que no era la mejor idea pero me dejé llevar
I knew it wasn't the best idea but I let myself go/do it.

Ex: Lorena se deja llevar por los demás
Lorena is easily persuaded by others.

Other alternatives of this one:

dejarse controlar - let one be controlled (by others)

Ex: Te dejas controlar por tu madre
You let yourself be controlled by your mom