Describing yourself and others I. Appearance.

Describing yourself and others I. Appearance.

¡Hola! Let's learn to describe yourself and other people.
This is an essential in Spanish for beginners.

This is all the vocab you need to describe yourself (general stuff, face features and basic style).
To describe other people just change the word in bold as explained below each section.

Eyes and hair

  • Tengo los ojos ...
    azules -I have blue eyes
    marrones -I have brown eyes
    negros -I have black eyes
    verdes -I have green eyes
    grises -I have grey eyes

    To describe other people just change tengo (I have) for tiene (he/she has).
    For example:
    Tiene los ojos verdes - He/she has green eyes.

  • Tengo el pelo...
    negro - I have black hair
    marrón/castaño - I have brown hair
    rubio - I have blond hair
    pelirrojo - I have red hair
    gris/blanco - I have gray/white hair
    corto - I have short hair largo - I have long hair mediano - I have medium hair
    ondulado- I have wavy hair
    rizado - I have curly hair
    liso - I have straight hair
    teñido - I have dyed hair

    To describe other people just change tengo (I have) for tiene (he/she has).
    Ex: Paula tiene el pelo liso - Paula has straight hair.

General body description

  • Soy...
    alto/a - I am tall
    bajo/a - I am short
    mediano/a - I am medium
    rellenito/a - I am chubby
    delgado/a - I am slim
    musculado/a - I am muscular
    moreno/a de piel - I have dark skin
    pálido/a - I am pale
    joven - I am young
    maduro/a - I am mature
    mayor - I am elder
    calvo - I am bald

    To describe other people just change soy (I am) for es (he/she is).
    Ex: Pedro es joven, bajo y rellenito - Pedro is young, short and chubby.


  • Tengo...
    canas - I have white hairs
    barba - I have a beard
    bigote - I have a moustache
    la frente ancha - I have a wide forehead
    la frente estrecha - I have a narrow forehead
    la nariz pequeña - I have a small nose
    la nariz grande - I have a big nose
    las cejas finas - I have thin brows
    las cejas pobladas - I have thick brows
    rasgos exóticos - I have exotic features
    los ojos pequeños - I have small eyes
    los ojos grandes - I have big eyes
    una sonrisa bonita - I have a nice smile

    To describe other people just change tengo (I have) for tiene (he/she has).
    Ex: Laura tiene los ojos grandes y la frente ancha - Laura has big eyes and a wide forehead.

Things you wear

  • Llevo...
    gafas -I wear glasses
    ropa formal/elegante - I wear formal/elegant clothes
    ropa casual/informal - I wear casual/informal clothes
    ropa deportiva - I wear sporty clothes
    ropa de marca - I wear designer clothes
    pestañas postizas - I wear fake lashes
    maquillaje - I wear make up
    colorete - I wear blush
    pintalabios - I wear lipstic
    raya de ojos - I wear eyeliner
    máscara/rimmel de pestañas - I wear mascara

    To describe other people just change llevo (I wear) for lleva (he/she wears).
    Ex: María lleva ropa casual y gafas - María wears casual clothes and glasses.

And that's everything!
The adjectives don't change, just the verb.


Now, try to translate this text and comment your answer on my Facebook page (Vivatutor)!

"Elena tiene treinta y tres años. Es joven y tiene una sonrisa bonita. Tiene el pelo negro, largo y liso. Es bastante delgada pero no es musculada, y es alta. Tiene la nariz grande y la frente estrecha. Además tiene los ojos grandes y azules.
Normalmente lleva pintalabios rojo y máscara de pestañas. También lleva ropa elegante, pero a veces lleva ropa informal o deportiva."

¡Hasta pronto! / See you soon!