Making plans in Spanish. Suggest, accept or refuse.

Making plans in Spanish. Suggest, accept or refuse.

Making plans plays an important part in our life, whether we propose something , negotiate or make an excuse.
Practicing that, for example in a dialogue, is a nice task for beginner students.

Here are some key expressions that you want to learn :)

I want to do something!

If I want to suggest a plan I can say:

  • Podemos - We can
    Ex: Podemos ir al cine hoy - We can go to the cinema today

  • ¿Por qué no + nosotros /we in present tense?
    Ex: ¿Por qué no vamos en tren? - Why don't we go by train?

  • ¿Quieres + infinitive (-ar/-er/-ir)?
    Ex: ¿Quieres montar en bici? - Do you want to ride a bike?

  • ¿Te apetece + infinitive (-ar /-er/-ir)?
    Ex: ¿Te apetece ver una película? - Do you feel like watching a movie?

I'd rather not do that...

You can refuse plans by using:

  • No puedo - I can't

  • No me apetece - I don't feel like doing that

  • Estoy + present continuous*
    Ex: Estoy estudiando - I'm studying.

To create the present continuous: Take out the ending of the infinitive -ar/-er/-ir and add -ando if it ended in -ar and -iendo if ended in -er or -ir.

  • Tengo que + infinitive
    Ex: Tengo que limpiar la casa - I have to clean the house

  • No tengo tiempo - I don't have time

  • No tengo dinero - I don't have money

  • No tengo ganas - I don't feel like doing that

I'd love to!

You can accept plans using:

  • Por supuesto - Of course

  • Sí, me apetece mucho - Yeah, I really want to do that

  • Genial - Great

  • Perfecto - Perfect

  • Eso sería fantástico - That would be fantastic

Ok, what's next?...

  • ¿Dónde quedamos? - Where do we meet?

  • ¿Cuándo quedamos? - When do we meet?

  • ¿A qué hora quieres quedar? - At what time do you want to meet?

  • Prefiero quedar en ... - I prefer meeting in + place

  • Prefiero quedar a las ...- I prefer meeting at + time

  • Prefiero quedar un poco más tarde / pronto - I prefer meeting a little bit later/ earlier.

  • ¡Nos vemos! / ¡Hasta luego! - See you later!

Practice with your friends next time you meet and let me know how it goes on social media (below) :)