How to express your opinion in Spanish

How to express your opinion in Spanish

We all want to give our opinion, no matter in what language!
It's an essential part of the Spanish for beginners curriculum.
Let's see the expressions that you need to give all type of opinions in Spanish. But before, a quick note that will help you do it properly :)

Point 1

Every time you use an opinion phrase and an action (you like to do something), make sure you use an infinitive.
An infinitive is what you find in the dictionary. It means "TO do" something and in Spanish ends in -ar, -er and -ir.
Ex: Hablar, comer, dormir, caminar, entender, vivir, etc.

Point 2

If you want to say that you like an object, a place, or a person (not doing something), you will be using a noun.
If in this case you use an opinion phrase that starts with "me" (or te, le, nos, os or les) and the object/place/person is plural (more than one) add an -n at the end.

Ex: Me gusta la música - I like music.
Me gustaN los niños - I like children (plural, more than one) Me encantaN las guitarras - I love guitars (plural, more than one) No me gustaN las moscas - I don't like flies.

Me encanta - I love

Ex: Me encanta jugar al fútbol - I love playing football.

Me gusta mucho - I like a lot

Ex: Me gusta mucho esa película - I like that movie a lot.

Me gusta - I like

Ex: Me gustan (check point 2) los árboles - I like trees.

No me gusta - I don't like

Ex: No me gusta esperar - I don't like to wait.

No me gusta nada - I don't like at all

Ex: No me gustan nada (check point 2) las sorpresas - I don't like surprises at all.

Odio - I hate

Ex: Odio las sardinas - I hate sardines.

Note: I don't need to add -n because the opinion phrase doesn't start with an pronoun "me,te,le,nos,os,les".

Prefiero - I prefer

Ex: Prefiero quedarme en casa esta tarde - I prefer staying home this evening.

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