Essential Spanish notions for this Summer. Understand us a little bit better.

Essential Spanish notions for this Summer. Understand us a little bit better.

Everytime I'm in Spain I notice the same differences in the "atmosphere" when I compare it with the UK. My fight arrived a day ago so I thought I would share what I think you must know when you come on holidays (or to stay for longer, yeeey!).

The eternal Summer vibe

The first shock everytime I get out of the airport in Spain is the pace. Everybody walks slower.
If you're in a small town, it looks like 80% of people around you is taking a walk, with no clear destination, just walking, looking around (at you, carrying a suitcase and pronouncing Spanglish words here and there).
And the terraces! At 8am, full. At 3pm, full. At 11pm full.
So relaxed...

Hungry? Already?

Another thing I have to get used to is the meals schedule.
Two days ago, in Manchester, I was a little late for dinner, checked several restaurants at 7:35 in the evening and all the kitchens were closed. I was so hungry (or should I say, hangry? see what I just did there?).

To put it into perspective, yesterday I had a huge sandwich in a bar in Spain at 11 at night. I went to bed at 1am and I had breakfast at 11am today. It's funny how your body seems to know which country you're in at the moment.


Today it's quite hot, 23 degrees, very sunny (in the North of Spain) but I still see people in jeans and jackets in the morning.
If this was happening in the UK, everybody would be wearing flowery dresses and shorts, and maybe a hat (why not?).
I get it, you need to enjoy the sunshine because maybe tomorrow it's raining. I admire that! But here we don't appreciate it as much. Most people patiently wait for the 26 degrees to get out the dress.

Time to rest

If you need to sort something out in Spain, you need to be aware of the 2 hours lunch (usually 2-4pm). Meanwhile, in the UK, someone is quickly eating a sandwich over their laptop. If you blink, you've missed it.
With the crisis nowadays some people take shorter breaks but the proper tradition will always be having time for a proper lunch, dessert, and a nap.

Kiss, kiss.

Every culture has implicit rules on physical contact, public affection, and personal distance. Well, we are quite warm and loud.
For example, when you meet someone the standard is two kisses, one in each cheek (you don't actually have to kiss the cheek, you know). We don't discriminate strangers or make a difference about age or gender.
Honestly, now not everybody has the habit 100% of the time, but it's the big majority, that's the truth!!
I can't get rid of it (not that I'd want) so I've felt the awkwardness of the unwanted second kiss a million times. C'mon, you people!

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¡Viva España!