Ser or estar -to be in Spanish- complete version


Some time ago I wrote a post on the core differences between ser and estar, so check that out to see some more examples.

However, there are some expressions and specific cases that might be trickier to understand with just the base rules.

For that, the table below can be a quick cheat sheet that provides a more complete picture.

As you can see, it includes the basic difference:

SER: Not likely to change quality feelings
ESTAR: Mood, feelings and states likely to change


Fill in the gaps:

  1. Rosa ____ mi madre y Juan y Roberto ______ mis hermanos.
    Rosa is my mom and Juan and Roberto are my siblings

  2. Mi amiga Paula ____ de Valencia.
    My friend Paula is from Valencia.

  3. No te preocupes, _____ bien.
    Don’t worry, it’s alright.

  4. Nosotros ________ casados.
    We’re married.

  5. Estos gatos _____ de la vecina.
    These cats are the neighbour’s.

  6. Sé que vosotros ______ enfadados.
    I know you guys are angry.

  7. Estas plantas ______ muertas, ¡_____ (you) muy irresponsable!
    These plants are dead, you’re so irresponsible!

  8. (You) ______ preocupándote mucho.
    You are worrying a lot.

  9. Yo _____ una decoradora y tú ______ un peluquero.
    I am a decorator and you are a hair stylist.

  10. (I) ______ viudo. Mi mujer murió hace cinco años.
    I’m a widower. My wife died 5 years ago.

  11. ____ (it) importante que vayamos.
    It’s important that we go.

  12. Hoy ____ (it) catorce de agosto.
    Today is 14th of August.

  13. _____(it) claro que no ____(it) buena idea.
    It’s clear that it’s not good idea.

  14. La fiesta ____ el sábado a las ocho de la tarde.
    The party is on Saturday at 8 in the evening.

  15. _______(I) cerca de tu casa. ¿Quieres quedar para tomar un café?

Sol: es,son,es, está, estamos, son, estáis, están, eres, estás, soy, eres, soy, es, es, está, es, es, estoy .

I’m near your house. Do you want to meet for a coffee?

Hope it helps!

¡Hasta pronto! :)