Enough in Spanish: Suficiente...mente?

Enough in Spanish: Suficiente...mente?

Both mean ENOUGH. Yep!
So how do you know which one to use?
Don't panic, it's all about the word after:


  • Suficientemente + adjective

What's and adjective? it's a quality, a state, a characteristic.

Suficientemente bueno - good enough

Suficientemente bien - well enough

Estoy suficientemente preparado - I'm ready enough.

Laura es suficientemente rápido - Laura is fast enough.

Estamos suficientemente cansados como para ir a casa - We're tired enough to go home.

You see you can add "como para + infinitive" and that would mean "to do...":

¿Estás suficientemente bien para ir de senderismo? - Are you well enough to go hiking?


  • Suficiente + verb

The verb here will be an action.

So, the combination will express to do something enough (frequently enough or intensely enough).

¿Corres suficiente para ganar? - Do you run enough to win?

  • Suficiente + noun

A noun is a person, a thing, an animal or a concept.

We'll use these two together to talk about amount of something.

Because we have a noun, suficiente will be suficienteS when the noun is plural.

¿Tienes suficiente pan? ¿Suficientes platos? - Do you have enough bread? enough plates?

No tengo suficiente paciencia -I don't have enough patience.

No hay suficientes sillas para la fiesta - There are not enough chairs for the party.


Fill in the gaps with suficiente, suficientes (plural) and suficientemente.

  • Estamos _____________ despiertos
    We're awake enough .

  • No tengo __________ comida para hoy
    I don't have enough food for today.

  • No estudias ________
    You don't study enough

  • Hay _________ profesores en la excursión
    There are enough teachers in the trip

  • Eres ____________ listo para resolver ese problema
    You are clever exercise to solve that problem

  • No hacemos _________ ejercico
    We don't do enough exercise

Solutions: suficientemente/suficiente/suficiente/suficientes/suficientemente/suficiente

Hope that helped!

¡Hasta pronto! :)