How to use "pasar" in Spanish

How to use "pasar" in Spanish

Maybe you've heard "Por favor, pasa before.
It means "please, come in", and it's one of the many situations when we can use pasar.

Let's see some more!


  • To pass by

Pasar por

Pasé por tu casa esta mañana
I passed by your house this morning

  • To go through /go past

Pasamos el puente y luego el río
We went through/past the bridge and then the river

  • To cross sides


Se pasó al equipo contrario
He crossed to the opposite team

  • To enter / go ahead /come in

Por favor, pasa - Please, come in.

Podéis pasar al comedor -
You can go ahead/enter the dinner room

  • Pass

Pásame la salsa
Pass me the sauce

  • To spend time

Paso mucho tiempo con mi familia
I spend a lot of time with my family

  • To happen

¿Sabes (lo) qué pasó? -Do you know what happened?

Pasaron muchas cosas - Many things happened

  • To ignore

Pasar de

  • Voy a pasar de ti - I'm going to ignore you


  • Pasar miedo - To be scared for a period of time

  • Pasar frío - To be cold ...

  • Pasar calor - To be hot ...

  • Pasar vergüenza - To be embarrassed...


  • ¡Pasa! - Go before me!

  • El tiempo pasa - Time goes by

  • ¿Qué pasa? - What's up? /What's wrong?

  • Pasar de todo - To care about nothing / ignore everything.

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