The best way to learn Spanish if you're advanced

The best way to learn Spanish if you're advanced


You're advanced!
So independent, so daring, so awesome!

But the journey doesn't stop here my friend! Oh no...You're ambitiuos and perfectionist and you know you can do even better.
Now that you're close... so close to really integrate into the Spaniard world!

Follow this advice to get through the advanced Spanish level with flying colours:

Spanish is you, you are Spanish

If you haven't taken a step forward in terms of culturizing yourself, this is the moment.
You have so many options! I know I repeat myself but...
- Books (in traditional paper on amazon, online, or in audiobook form).
- Movies
Check the post on books, movies and shortfilms

-Language exchanges
Talking with different people from different places and different accents will make your Spanish stronger and will prepare you for the variety out there. Check the post on language exchanges

Who doesn't like to visit new places? Choose a Spanish speaking country next time and talk with the locals! Meet different people, engage in real unexpected conversations, ask about the culture, explore and challenge yourself!
I recommend you practice some situations with your teacher before you go and you can even book a lesson in the middle of your holidays (online, of course, unless you want to bring your teacher with you) specially if they're long, to refresh or maybe tackle something you're struggling with.

Oh those second meanings!

More than ever you have to start understanding the different connotations that words have. This is important to avoid misunderstandings and get the message that you want across.

Pay attention when you read in Spanish, ask your teacher why they used this word instead of the other, and question yourself what option is best for what you want to say when you write. You will soon get the hang of it and start thinking more like a Spaniard.

I find this very important and I always mention these differences between synonyms or why it's better this word in this context etc. Many times dictionaries won't offer you this information so better ask someone who is Spanish and get the meanings spot on!

Get intellectual in Spanish

Part 1-

When you get to a certain level you can start reading "deeper" things like newspapers (you can find 20 minutos online, for example) that will show you not only complex structures and language (they use passive and subjunctive so much!) but you will know exactly what Spaniards are discussing right now or things that are part of their history.

Part 2-

Combine this with debates with your teacher on the subject. Answering unplanned questions, expose your opinions and thinking about very specific things will train you to think on your feet!

Part 3-

Write essays on those topics or similar like you were answering to the news and give your opinion as well as solutions and examples.
Include as many tenses, opinion phrases and connectives as you can and organize the text properly with the right expressions.
Revise it, make sure it all flows, that there are no repetitions (use synonyms!) and read it at loud (in front of your teacher if you can) to work on intonation (don't forget those accents, questions and exclamations!) and pronunciation.


High five! :)

You've got there.