The 5 most important reasons to learn Spanish

The 5 most important reasons to learn Spanish

You must have read and heard million times what are the benefits of learning a new language.

From improving your communication and organisation skills to reducing the chances of developing dementia.

And let's not forget the amazing personal growth you experience when learning a new language. But why Spanish?

Probably if you're here you're already considering to choose it, but for those who are still doubting, these are some thoughts that could help you:

Have an authentic travelling experience

If you don't know Spanish, traveling to a Spanish speaking country is possible but not so exciting. You're limited to tourists resorts where everybody speaks English.

Outside that "bubble" you are up for a little bit more adventure! Get to know the local places and interact with people that live there, they can give you the best recommendations.

And it's not only more exciting, it's safer. Knowing the language can be a life saver in difficult situations where you have to solve problems (and problems happen during holidays, we all know it!) and you protect yourself from scams, tourists are targets!

Finally, it's cheaper! Being able to go outside the city center makes possible to go to restaurants, pubs, shops, where Spanish people go every day, where you won't get tourist fees. Also, you have other accommodation options, like or and make friends with your guests!

Spanish everywhere

Spanish is spoken all over Europe, where it's the second most spoken language just after English. In South America is the first language in most countries, but you know how many Spanish speakers are in North America too? Loads. So, chances are, wherever you go you'll find someone who speaks Spanish.

It's a huge and growing population, which makes easy that you're neighbor, friend, classmate, partner, roommate or colleague speak Spanish.
My advice: Embrace it and join us!

Reach another level in your career

Linked to the previous, if you're a boss, it's very likely some (or many) of your employees speak Spanish. Delegate and lead better by improving the communication with them.

And it doesn't matter if you are employer or employee when it comes to the clients. Many of them will speak Spanish.
Business are definitely more smooth when communication between the parts is excellent so facilitate things for your clients and they'll appreciate it. Also, they'll find it very professional!

Having another language, specially one that is so commonly spoken, puts you in great advantage. It's gone from desirable to essential, language and communication skills are highly valued and they can be they key to access to a higher position and pay.
Besides, your bosses know they'll save money if they don't need translators or interpreters in their company.

A step ahead

If you like learning new things or you love languages, this is great news for you.
Spanish is a romance language, just like Portuguese, Italian, French or Romanian, which means they have the same origin. Because of this, they have clear similarities between them, being Spanish the easiest one to learn. It doesn't have difficult pronunciations like French or Portuguese, an its rhythm helps to read and spell it.

What's the point I want to make? If you learn Spanish you will run through the beginner level of any of those languages :)

Easy and convenient

As I mentioned, if you learn English, Spanish is the next step to reach the highest number of speakers and also the easiest option to learn a second language that is valued in the market.

If you add to that how easy is to find content to learn the language, videos, books, music, movies, etc to practice it, it gets some more points.

Consider too how many workshops, meetups and language exchanges in person and online are out there.

Let's also remember how many Spanish speaking countries you can visit and how diverse they are, having different cultures, being in different continents and having different accents.

And finally, the high chances of running into a Spanish person in your daily life.

I think we have a winner! Don't you? :)