How to give directions in Spanish

How to give directions in Spanish

¡Hola! Sometimes we need some help with finding that great place we saw in Trip Advisor, or we have the chance to be nice to somebody and give some directions.
If you are a beginner or an intermediate student This is a good way to practice basic prepositions and imperative.

Specially if you travel or you're a this is a big thing!

Here we go!

Ask how to get there:

¿Por dónde voy a …?
– How do I get there?

¿Dónde está …?
– where is ....?

¿Cómo voy a ...?
- How do I o to...?

Give directions:


Ve - Go
Cruza - Cross
Gira - Turn
Sigue - Continue Toma - Take


Al fondo de... = At the end of...
Al lado de = Next to
En frente de = In front of
Cerca (de) = Close (to)
Lejos (de) = Far (from)
A ... minutos/horas de aquí = It´s... min/hours from here
Entre ... y ... = Between ... and ...
*Detrás de
= Behind of
Encima (de) = Above (of)
Debajo (de) = Below (of)
la derecha/izquierda (de) = To the right/left (of)
Sigue todo recto - Continue right ahead
La primera calle a la izquierda - The first street on the left
La segunda calle a la derecha - The second street on the right
Está a la derecha/izquierda - It's on the right/left
Hasta encontrar... - until finding ...
Hay... - There is/are...

Add connectives:

Primero - First Luego- Then Después - After Por último - Lastly


la calle - The street
La carretera - The road
La plaza - The town square
En la esquina - In the corner Un puente - a bridge

And now, just put it together!

Read this dialogue at loud ;)

A- ¿Cómo puedo ir a la plaza de San Andrés?

B- Oh, ¡está muy cerca!
Primero, sigue todo recto hasta encontrar una librería muy grande.
Luego, gira a la izquierda y cruza la calle.
Después, toma la primera calle a la derecha.
La plaza está al lado del banco.

A- Muchas gracias. ¿Y dónde está el ayuntamiento?

B- Toma la segunda a la derecha. Hay un puente, cruza el puente y después gira a la derecha.
Sigue todo recto. El ayuntamiento está en frente de la catedral.

A- ¡Gracias! ¡Adiós!

A- How can I go to the San Andrés square?
B- Oh, it's very close!
First, continue right ahead until finding a very big library.
Then, turn to the left and cross the street.
After, ake the first street to the right.
The town square is next to the bank.
A- Thank you very much. And where is the town hall?
B- Take the second to the right. There's a bridge, cross the bridge and after turn to the left.
Continue right ahead. The town hall is in front to the cathedral.
A- Thanks, bye!

And that's everything from me!
Why don't you practice this with a friend? :)

Any doubt or comment, find me on social media!

¡Hasta luego!