Vocab to rent a flat in Spain

Vocab to rent a flat in Spain


Today I had a lesson that reminded me that a lot of you guys go to Spain and choose to rent a flat or a house.

I put together a selection of vocab that I think will be helpful when doing that :)

First, you might want to check this post on places where the house can be, furniture, rooms, and other words to describe a house.

And now is when we extend that post:

About the house

A estrenar - Brand new

Adosado - attached

Aparcamiento - Parking space / car park

Metros cuadrados - square meters

Cocina americana - Kitchen - living room (all in one room)

Cocina equipada – fully-fitted kitchen

Sin amueblar – flat with no furniture

Amueblado – furnished

Armarios empotrados – built-in closets

Segunda mano – second hand

En buen estado – in good condition

Necesita una mano de pintura - It needs painting

Recién reformado – recently renovated

Patio - patio

Finca – plantation / house in the countryside / big green terrain

Vistas - views

Luminoso - Bright

Con mucha luz natural - With lots of natural light

Garaje bajo tierra - Underground garage

Trastero - Storage room (usually in the roof)

Bodega - Storage room (usually in the same floor as the garage)

Bodega (de vino) - wine cellar

About the place

Urbanización - residencial neigborhood

Lo más cerca posible a... - The closest possible to...

Lo más lejos posible a... - The farthest possible to...

A poca distancia a pie /caminando - Short distance walking

Cerca de la playa - Close to the beach

En la costa - In the coast

En la montaña - In the mountains

Bien comunicado -Well communicated

Bien situado - Well situated

Piscina comunal - Community swimming pool

Piscina privada - Private swimming pool

Piscina municipal - Local swimming pool

Campo de golf/fútbol/tennis... - Golf/ football/ tennis field

Alrededor - Around

Alrededores - Surroundings


Suministros - supplies/maintenance fees

Agua caliente - Hot water

Luz - light

Calefacción - Heating

Teléfono - Telephone

Internet - Internet

Electricidad - Electricity

Gas - Gas

Caldera - Boiler

Basura - Garbage /rubbish tax

Aire acondicionado - Air conditioning

Pagar comunidad - To pay the "community" fee (it's paid in every building, usually by the landlord but sometimes by the tenant).

Questions to ask

¿Cuándo queda disponible? - When does it become available?

¿Cuánto se paga de ...? - How much do you pay for...?

¿Cada cuánto se paga? - How often is x paid?

¿Tendría que pagar por...? - Would I have to pay for...?

¿Está incluido? - Is it included?

¿En qué zona está? - In which area is it?

¿A cuánto está del centro/ playa - How far away is from the center/beach?

Cómo es el barrio/ zona / calle? - What is the neighborhood/ area/ street like?

¿Está bien comunicado por carretera? - Is it well communnicated by road?

¿Hay espacios verdes cerca? - Are they green areas nearby?

¿Tiene buenas vistas? -Has it good views?

¿Se puede acceder a...? - Can we/I access to...?

About the agreement

Inquilino- Tenant

Propietario - Landlord

Me gustaría alquilar - I would like to rent

¿Durante cuánto tiempo? - For how long?

¿Cuándo entrarías en la casa? - When would you get in the house?

¿Cuándo empezaría el contrato? - When would the contract begin?

¿Cuándo saldrías de la casa? - When would you get out of the house?

¿Cuándo acabaría el contrato? - When would the contract end?

A principios de mes - At the beginning of the month

A mediados de mes - In the middle of the month

A finales de mes - At the end of the month

Trimestral/cada trimestre - Quarterly

Anualmente/cada año - Annually

Mensualmente/cada mes - Monthly

Pago - Payment

Recibo - Receipt

Let me know if you're looking to rent in Spain and there's a word I've missed! :)

¡Hasta la próxima!