How to translate "time" in Spanish

How to translate "time" in Spanish


This post will try to clarify how we have different words for "time" and how to know which one to use depending on the context.


This would be translated as "time" but it often means something like "the right time", which will be a clue.

Another clue is the type of phrase that it comes with:

Cuando llegue el momento - When the (right) time comes.

Es el momento de... - It's (the right) time to...

Llegó el momento de... - The (right) time has come to...


This refers to an individual, punctual time, but it's best to see with examples:

Una vez fui a Escocia -One time I went to Scotland

Solo he estado allí una vez - I've only been there once.

Una vez a la semana - Once per week

Dos veces al mes - Twice per month

He leído este libro muchas veces - I've read this book many times.

Recuerdo la vez que monté en moto - I remember the time I rode a motorbike.


This is the word we use for the concept of time.
Again, better seen with examples:

No tengo tiempo para ir - I don't have time to go.

Estás perdiendo el tiempo -You're wasting/losing time.

Ahorro tiempo de esta forma - I save time this way.

Entendemos ahora mejor el tiempo y el espacio - We understand now better time and space.

NOTE: Remember, tiempo also means "weather, like in hace buen tiempo (it's good weather).


This is the one we use to ask the time and talk about it.

¿Qué hora es? - What time is it?

¿A qué hora abre la tienda? - At what time does the shop open?

¿A qué hora es la boda? - What time is the wedding?

Tenemos reunión a la misma hora - We have meeting tomorrow at the same time.


Choose what word would you use to say the following sentences:

1- Do we have enough time?
2- ¿At what time is the birthday?
3- If you do it many times, you'll learn.
4- It saves time to order food.
5- Do you remember that time we went to the opera?
6- It's time to tell her.
7- ¿What time is it?
8- How many times per week do you go to the gym?
9- When the time comes, we'll go together.
10- You have to try guacamole, just once!

Solutions: tiempo/hora/veces/tiempo/vez/momento/hora/veces/momento/vez

Did this help you understand how to talk about time?
I hope so!

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