5 Spanish phrases you need to learn

5 Spanish phrases you need to learn

A quick one today, 5 phrases that every native uses and that will make you sound more natural.

  • Pasar de... - to ignore ...

Rosario pasa de Pablo -
Rosario ignores Pablo.

¡No pases de mí! -
Don't ignore me!

  • Darle vueltas a... - to think a lot about ...

Le das muchas vueltas a las cosas -
You think a lot about things /you overthink things.

Paula le dio muchas vueltas a la conversación-
Paula thought a lot about the conversation.

  • Hacer caso a ... - to pay attention or do as someone's say...

Necesitas hacer caso a la profesora si quieres aprender -
You need to pay attention to the teacher if you want to learn.

No le hacen caso a sus padres nunca -
They never do as their parents say.

¡Hazme caso! -
Pay attention to me!

Deberías hacerle caso a tu amiga, tiene razón-
You should do as your friend says, she's right.

  • Estar en ello - To be on it.

¿Has acabado el proyecto? - Estoy en ello
Have you finished the project? - I'm on it.

No te preocupes por el examen, estoy en ello -
Don't worry about the exam, I'm on it.

A variation of this is estar en todo, to be taking care of everything:

Mi madre siempre está en todo - my mom is always on everything / taking care of everything.

  • Así de claro - as clear as that/it's that clear.

No me gustas, así de claro -
I don't like you, it's that clear. (I know, rude)

No vamos a terminar a tiempo, así de claro -
We're not going to finish in time, it's as clear.

Hope you start playing with these phrases soon in your practice,

if you have any question, please let me know in the comments below :)

¡Hasta pronto!:)