Tampoco. What is it?

Tampoco. What is it?

Basically, it means "either" or "neither", and it goes before the verb if there is one. It's like a negative "también" (also)

As an answer

If it's a short answer i'll be mostly "me neither" but I can also be a "not..either", in a longer answer.

  • No me gustan las películas de acción (I don't like action movies).
    • A mí tampoco (me neither).

  • No sé la respuesta (I don't know the answer).
    • Yo tampoco (me neither).

  • ¿Vas a ir a la fiesta? Yo no (Are you going to the party? I'm not).
    • Yo tampoco, es demasiado tarde (me neither, it's too late).

  • Tenemos que comprar queso, no hay (We have to buy cheese, there isn't any).

    • Sí, tampoco hay pasta (Yes, there's no pasta either).

  • No me gustan los deportes de riesgo (I don't like risky sports).

    • A mí tampoco (me neither)

  • Estoy un poco cabreada porque no puedo ir al viaje (I am a bit angry because I can't go to the trip)

    • ¡Ah! Bueno, yo tampoco puedo ir, haremos algo juntas (Ah! Well, I can't go either, we'll do something together).

Not an answer

It can an addition (mostly with "and" or "but")

  • No va a aprobar el examen y tampoco el curso (he/she is not going to pass the exam, and neither the course).

  • Yo no voy a ir y tú tampoco (I'm not going to go and neither are you).

  • No queremos estudiar, y tampoco trabajar (We don't want to study, and we don't want to work either).

  • Marta no va a ser escritora pero tampoco editora (Marta is not going to be a writer but neither a publisher).

And the cherry on top, a very common expression!

  • ¡Tampoco es para tanto! - it's not such a big deal


A good practice with this can be to try to give an answer with "tampoco" to these sentences.

These are more or less easy, but with some practice you'll get used to the structure and be able to apply it in less evident sentences.

  • ¿Tienes la solución? Yo no la tengo.

  • Yo no voy a ir al cine mañana

  • No hay ya pan para tostadas

  • Odio el queso azul

And now finish these sentences with "tampoco":

  • No puedes comprar una casa ... (and neither a flat)

  • Ellos no ven películas en el cine... (but neither at home)

Hope I helped you learn a bit more about this word,

¡Hasta pronto! :)