Informal fillers and connectives

Informal fillers and connectives

In this post I want to go through some informal expressions, fillers, structures and connectives.

They are important because they are common, and therefore you'll hear them and need to understand them.

All of the vocab in this post can be found in this videotask, so have a look at the dialogues included there to see all of these in context ;)

Fillers, expressions and informal connectives

  1. O sea - I mean

  2. Pues... - Well... (without comma and pause before the sentence)

  3. Bueno, - Well, (with comma and pause)

  4. Sin más - not more, just, ...

  5. A lo mejor - Maybe (more informal than "quizás" or "tal vez")

  6. ¡Venga! - C'mon!

  7. Vamos - let's go

  8. Claro - of course

  9. ¿Qué pasa? - What's up? what's wrong?

  10. A lo loco - without thinking/preparing much

  11. No me sale - It doesn't come out naturally / I can't do it.
    (no te sale, no le sale, no nos sale, no os sale, no les sale)

  12. De verdad - Really / true (as adjective)
    Ex: De verdad, eres tonto - Really, you're silly. Necesitas amor de verdad - You need true love.

  13. ¡Fíjate! - Look!
    Fijarse en - to focus/pay attention to

  14. Que + subjunctive - hope/want that something happens

Ex: ¡Que se besen! (cheering) - (we want) that they kiss each other
Ex: ¡Que tengas un buen día! - (hope) that you have a good day!

Hope you found this helpful!

¡Que tengas un día fantástico! :)