Irregular verbs in present tense - Video and grid.

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In this post you'll learn about the irregular verbs in present tense in Spanish.
Now, if you haven't learned the regular form, check out my post on regular present tense where I explain the basis of this tense in a video.
Also, if you don't remember the endings I added them here below as well:
Present tense grid regular

Now, moving forward, in this video I explain how to form the irregular present tense.
I attached the grid for irregular verbs and their meaning below as well.
I highlighted in yellow a selection of 5 in each, to start with.
Also, I added and * to those verbs who are also irregular in the first person ("I do something". You can check those in this blogpost on spelling irregulars.

Spanish irregular verbs in present tense

¡Hasta pronto! :)