Saint Valentine's day vocab

Saint Valentine's day vocab

Valentine's day is around the corner, wouldn't be great to surprise your significant other with some romance in Spanish?

Well, we're going to see some love-related vocab and some phrases, so get your corny self ready!

And if that's not your thing, well, this is good vocab to know about, you know how they say love is everywhere! (don't forget about songs!)


  • Mimar - to spoil/to take care of

  • Dar mimos - to cuddle/ to give cuddles

  • Dar un beso/besar - To give a kiss/to kiss

  • Dar un abrazo/ abrazar - To give a hug/to hug

  • Darse la mano - to hold hands

  • Enamorarse - to fall in love

  • Estar enamorada - To be in love

  • Querer - to love (someone) -only works for people with this meaning, otherwise it means "to want" something.

  • Salir con alguien - To go out with/date someone

  • Ir a una cita - To go on a date

  • Sentir algo por - To feel something for...

  • Sentimiento - feeling

  • Amor - Love

  • Cariño- Affection (and as a nickname, see section below)

  • Novio - Boyfriend / groom

  • Novia - Girlfriend / bride

  • Boda - wedding

  • Marido/mujer - husband /wife

  • Esposo/a - spouse

  • Pareja - partner (always ends in -a no matter the gender)

  • Estar prometido/a - To be engaged

  • Casarse / casarse con - To get married / to marry someone

Affectionate nicknames

  • Mi amor - my love

  • Cariño - On the same lines as something like "honey" or "love".

  • Cielo - it means sky, literally, but can be used just like the previous one.

  • Guapo/a - "handsome" / "pretty thing" or "beautiful"


  • ¡Feliz San Valentín! - Happy Valentine's day!

  • Siento algo por ti - I feel something for you

  • Me importas (mucho) - you are (very) important / I care (a lot) about you

  • Eres (muy) importante para mí - You are (very) important to me.

  • Me estoy enamorando de ti - I'm falling in love with you.

  • Estoy enamorado/a de ti - I'm in love with you.

  • Te quiero - I love you

  • Soy muy feliz contigo -I'm very happy with you.

  • ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? - Do you want to marry me?

  • ¿Quieres salir conmigo? - Do you want to go out with me?

  • Podríamos salir algún día... - We could go out some day...

  • ¿Podrías darme tu número de teléfono? - Could you give me your phone number?

  • ¡Llámame! - Call me!

or maybe...

  • ¿Podemos seguir siendo amigos? - Can we stay friends?

  • Me gustas solo como amigo/a - I like you only as a friend.

  • Lo siento, no estoy interesado/a - Sorry, I'm not interested.

  • No eres tú, soy yo - It's not you, it's me. (yeah, right)

Jokes aside, I hope you have a great Galentine's today or Valentine's day tomorrow!

¡Hasta pronto! :)