"Quedar"meanings and expressions

"Quedar"meanings and expressions

Quedar is one of those amazing verbs you can do a lot with!

Let's see all of the versions of it:

Quedar (no pronoun)

Quedar - to have/be left

Ex: Quedan dos latas de tomate - There are two tomato cans left.

It can be adapted to "someone has ... left" with an indirect object pronoun, like the ones we use with "gustar": me queda/n, te queda/n, le queda/n, nos queda/n, os queda/n, les queda/n. We choose queda when it's one thing left and quedan if it's a plural amount left.

Quedar con - to meet someone

To meet at a place with someone or to do something

Ex: Voy a quedar con Mario mañana - I'm going to meet Mario tomorrow.

Quedar en + infinitive- to agree to do something

Ex: Quedé en lavar los platos -I agreed to wash the dishes.

Quedar como un idiota/ payaso/... - To look like an idiot/a clown...

Ex: Has quedado como un idiota diciendo eso - You've looked like an idiot saying that.

Quedar bien/mal - To make a good/bad impression, look good/bad.

Ex: Marta siempre lleva regalos para quedar bien - Marta always brings presents to look good/make a good impression.

Also, for clothing, to look good on someone.

Ex: Esa chaqueta te queda bien - That jacket looks good on you.

Quedar claro - To be clear

Ex: Queda claro que no quieres venir - It's clear you don't want to come.

Quedar pendiente - To be left to do /pending

Ex: Recuerda que queda pendiente mandar ese email- Remember that is that email has to be sent / you have to send that email.

Quedar en familia - to be kept in the family

Ex: Esos secretos quedan en familia - Those secrets are kept in the family.

Quedar en ridículo - To look ridiculous or to feel embarrassed

Ex: No voy a cantar, no quiero quedar en ridículo - I'm not going to sing, I don't want to look ridiculous.

Quedarse (pronominal)

Quedarse - to stay

To stay somewhere

Ex: Me quedo en casa cuando llueve mucho - I stay home when it rains a lot.

If you wonder how to conjugate a pronominal verb like this, check out this.

Quedarse (con) - to keep something

Ex: ¿Me puedo quedar (con) este vaso? - Can I keep this glass?

Quedarse embarazada - To get pregnant

Ex: Se quedó embarazada en un mes - She got pregnant in a month.

Quedarse de piedra/sin palabras - to be without words

Ex: Me quedé de piedra/sin palabras cuando me dijo que estaba casada - I was without words when she told me she was married.

Quedar(se) - pronoun optional

To remain, be left, or become.

Ex: La habitación (se)queda vacía - the room remains empty /becomes empty.

Ex: Me quedé tranquila/ triste/ sola... - I was left calm / sad / alone

With people: to be / become (for people, feelings, reactions, etc)

Ex: Me quedé tranquila/ sorprendida/ triste/ sola/ satisfecha... - I was left calm /surprised/ sad / alone/ satisfied ...

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