Mucho or muy?

Mucho or muy?

Have you got these two confused before? I think everybody has!

Before the blogpost, if you're more of a video person, this is my video tutorial on muy and mucho

Vale, let's jump into it!

Mucho and muy

Mucho - a lot

Talking about actions


Tienes que estudiar mucho para aprobar - You have to study a lot to pass.

Me gusta mucho el arte abstracto - I like abstract art a lot.

Muy - Very

Describing qualities and states (adjectives)


He sido muy estúpido - I have been very stupid

Estás muy preocupada, lo sé - You're very worried, I know

mucho, mucha, muchos, muchas

Mucho/a - a lot of + uncountable (in singular)

Este plato tiene mucho arroz - This dish has a lot of rice

Tengo mucha hambre - I have a lot of hunger (I'm very hungry)

Mucha gente tiene mascotas - a lot of people have pets

Muchos/as - a lot / many + countable (in plural)

Había muchos animales en la granja - There were many / lot of animals in the farm

Muchas familias cenan juntas - Many/ a lot of families have dinner together

You might say, well both of them can be translated with "a lot of", BUT...

Clue: Only when it's plural can be translated with "many"
Also, you will naturally agree the noun with it in number: muchosos / muchas casas


Fill in the gaps:

1- Hay _______ cosas que quiero decirte - There are a lot of things I want to tell you.

2- ¿No tienes ya _______ bolsos y _____ ropa? - Don't you already have many bags and a lot of clothes?

3- Ellas tienen ______ dinero - They have a lot of money.

4- Estoy ____ contenta de verte - I'm very happy/content to see you.

5- ¿Coméis ______ en este restaurante? - Do you guys eat a lot in this restaurant?

6- Estamos _____ ocupados - We're very busy.

7- Ves _______ la televisión - You watch tv a lot.

8- _____ libros se perdieron - Many books were lost.

Hope that helped!

¡Hasta la próxima! :)