Near future in Spanish. I'm going to...

Hello again,
We know now how to say what we usually do in your daily life.
If you missed it, check the post on the present tense here

Today is about the future. Not what's going to happen in 50 years but tomorrow or next weekend.

In this video I explain two things:

When to use the near future
How to create it

Things you need to do this:

  1. verb to go in Spanish: ir
    Yo voy - I go
    Tú vas - You go
    Él / ella va - he /she goes
    Nosotros vamos - we go
    Vosotros váis - you guys go
    Ellos/ellas van - they (masc/fem) go

  2. The preposition "a".

  3. An infinitive (to do something). Ex: HablAR, comER, vivIR