Past preterite. Irregular verbs

Past preterite. Irregular verbs

We have already talked about past preterite in this blog, and I actually filmed a video about it, you can check the video on preterite tense here.

In that post I already talked about some irregular verbs, and they're included in the grid below as well as the regular verbs:

However, those are not all of them. The following grid contains the rest of the irregular verbs.

Most have changes in their spelling, due to pronunciation, usually to keep an homogeneous sound. Some of these ones affect the first person (I), some affect the third person (he,she,it,they) and some affect all of them (from I to they)

Finally, there's a box with a list of verbs that are irregular in all forms and they're not following a spelling pattern, so they're a bit random :P

This is the case of ser/ir (to be/go), decir (to say), traer (to bring), dar (to give) and ver (to see).

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