The meanings of "ya"

We see the word ya often, but it takes a lot of shapes and meanings, so let's see the ones you need: Yeah,I know... To give feedback when you're listening, meaning something like: yeah, I know, right. »

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Algún, ningún, cualquiera

What is the difference between "algún" and "alguno"? And "ninguno"? What exactly is "cualquiera"? Are they all translated as any? Let's answer these questions and dive into lots of examples! Ningún "Any" in a negative sentence. Ningún/ninguna »

The four ways to use "mientras"

Maybe you're familiar with mientras, but you might be missing a couple of useful ways to use it. Let's see all of its meanings: Mientras While Mientras escribes, siempre escuchas música - While you write, you always listen »

Tampoco. What is it?

Basically, it means "either" or "neither", and it goes before the verb if there is one. It's like a negative "también" (also) As an answer If it's a short answer i'll be mostly "me neither" but I can »

How to translate "time" in Spanish

¡Hola! This post will try to clarify how we have different words for "time" and how to know which one to use depending on the context. Momento This would be translated as "time" but it often means something »