"To meet" and "to know" in Spanish

"To meet" and "to know" in Spanish

There are two different ways to say "to meet" in Spanish and two to say "to know", and they are pretty related between each other, let's see them!


It means "to meet with someone", like going for a coffee or something like that:

¿Quedamos mañana? - do we meet tomorrow?
¿Puedes quedar con ella? - Can you meet with her?

Can be confused with...

Quedar(se), the pronominal version of quedar, has a different meaning: to stay somewhere.


Me quedo en casa hoy - We stay at home today.
Nos vamos a quedar en un hotel - We're going to stay in a hotel.


It means to know someone or something, but also to meet someone for the first time.

- Conozco gente nueva en mi trabajo- I meet new people in my work.
- Conocí a María hace dos años - I met María two years ago.

Can be confused with...

Saber means to know, but it's not about knowing but it's never used for "knowing someone".

Check out the difference between "saber" and "conocer", when to use each.

Sé que no es buena idea - I know it's not good idea. Él no sabe arreglar la tele - He doesn't know how to fix the tv.


Decide what verb you'd use for these sentences. You'll decide between:
Quedar, quedarse, conocer and saber.

1- I find it hard to meet people
2- Can you meet today?
3- I've known her for 8 years
4- Do you know how to swim? / can you swim?
5- She knows about geology
6- I met you a long time ago
7- We are staying in your house

Sol: conocer/quedar/conocer/saber/saber/conocer/quedarse

Hope that helps!
Let me know if you have any question :)

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