SOLER - I usually do

¡Hola! Today we're going to check out this verb, soler, that is very useful! Soler could be translated as "to usually do something" which sounds vage, and it is, but that's the hole point about this verb and »

How to use "pasar" in Spanish

Maybe you've heard "Por favor, pasa before. It means "please, come in", and it's one of the many situations when we can use pasar. Let's see some more! Pasar To pass by Pasar por Pasé por tu casa »

Expressions with DAR (to give)

Let's see some idiomatic phrases and expressions with dar (to give). We're going to start with feelings: To express feelings It's all about something "giving you" a feeling. For example "dar miedo" is to "give fear" but we'd »

"Todos" and "todo"

I'm sure you've seen todos many times, sometimes with an article after it (Todos los días), sometimes without it (Todos vamos), sometimes in feminine form (todas) or without the -s at the end (todo). So, what's each version »

Tan and tanto

Let's talk about these two, shall we? Tan Tan is used before an adjective, that is, a quality (like sturdy) or a state (like broken). Ex: ¡Ese niño es tan fuerte! - that kid is so strong! Ex: »